Light is joy,
wonder and style
It evokes emotions!
Bringing a sense of community and togetherness
Lifting your brand to new heights.

Designing Lights

that Tell Stories

When it comes to inspiring your visitors, we believe there’s nothing more powerful than light. We know light is life: light is joy, wonder, and style. It’s emotion.

Light is the way you express your brand and identity.

For Shopping Malls, Hotels, Leisure, Cultural Hubs, and Public Realm.

As a major player in the marketplace, Retail Emotions has the technical resources and the organizational power to deliverprojects of the highest quality with competitive prices — either on rental or purchase basis.



What makes us unique is that we don’t have a single warehouse full of products to sell.

Without a standard catalogue to promote, our entire production is custom designed to meet the desires and needs of every client, with a complete made-to-order approach



Throughout the year and especially during peak shopping seasons, lighting projects play a pivotal role in a combined marketing strategy.

Lighting is an opportunity for branding: a project that stands out helps retail venues to build a distinctive identity and add inspiration to their customers’ experience.



For Christmas specific decorations and lighting,
visit www.firstchristmas.com.
First Christmas” is one of Europe ́s major
supplier of Festive decorations working
successfully in the industry for over 20 years.
With more than 1000 designed and created
projects in the company portfolio.

Immersive Light Experiences

We are proud of our many experiences with shopping malls, hotels, leisure and cultural hubs, as well as public venues. For each client we succeed in delivering fully tailored projects based on their needs and desires.

Public Spaces

Picture a bustling city, town, or village transformed by the glow of decorative lighting. The streets come alive with a vibrant energy as the lights dance and play across the buildings, bridges, and landmarks. The squares and markets is filled with the sights and sounds of holiday cheer.

RETAil real estate

The magic of festive decorative lighting, a powerful tool for attracting visitors and encouraging extended stays. With the right lighting design, shopping centers, malls, retail parks, outlet centers, and flagship stores can create a truly captivating experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.


Decorative lighting, an essential element for creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, highlighting certain features in hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and cultural sites. Lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere making guests feel more comfortable during their stay.

Travel Retail

Festive displays and mood lighting enhancing the travel experience for passengers in airports, train and railway stations, and other travel retail locations. These decorative elements create a welcoming ambiance, ease stress and attract attention to the retail outlets, boosting traveler satisfaction.

Corporate Business

Create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in corporate buildings, lobbies, façades, exteriors and corporate offices. With the right lighting design and decorations, businesses can create a truly mesmerizing experience that welcomes visitors. It  creates a positive impression and differentiate the building from the others.

Travelling Amusements

Bring life at fun fair, fairground, circus or food truck through the magic of lighting. Create a unique visual experience that attracts and retains visitors, making the experience more fun and exciting making them want to stay and play. The atmosphere is electric, as the lights set the scene for a festive and exciting experience creating a one-of-a-kind experience that attracts and retains visitors


Imagine an art festival, music festival, cultural festival or light festival that comes alive with the magic of lighting. As festival-goers wander through the event, they’re enveloped by a captivating display of lights that illuminate the art, music, and performances. The colorful and dynamic designs create an atmosphere that immerses visitors in the experience.




Retail Emotions supervises the entire process with professional expertise.

By monitoring all stages of the process, we can offer our clients a consistent and valuable unique product.

We ensure that your event will be a success with a worry-free operations.

Our projects are turn-key: we take care of all production and logistical aspects.

We combine imagination and technical requirements to meet clients’ expectations.