Retail Emotions is an Italian / German firm based in the Gulf.

We specialise in creating original festive lighting, themed handcrafted decorations and multimedia settings. We’ve been in this business from 1999 in Europe, and from 2013 in the Gulf Region.

We are proud of our many experiences with shopping malls, hotels, leisure and culture hubs, as well as public venues. For each client we succeed in delivering fully tailored projects based on their needs and desires.

Bringing fantasy
to light

With in-house designers and craftsmen, our imagination has no limits. We start with original drawings, develop renders and designs, and finally come to the final steps of handmade assembly of decorations.

Closely monitoring each step, we can check and customize all the final design elements, with attention to detail and overall result.


Whatever you dream of ….

Through our creative and handcrafting skills, we can conceive and deliver new concepts to inspire and amaze visitors.

Retail Emotions is the right partner for any occasion, from festive lighting to fashion creations, from simple decorations to vast scenic designs, including collaborations with contemporary artists.